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Patient Experience

Provide Patients the Experience They Expect

Patient behavior is changing. With the shift of financial burden onto the patient, they are acting more like healthcare consumers, and their expectations of the healthcare experience are changing too.

Pricing transparency, accurate bills, easy payment options, and a positive customer experience are what patients are looking for from their care providers today.

HiLitePay is designed to deliver on that positive patient experience, don’t let bad financial experiences taint the positive clinical encounters you provide.

Exceptional Customer Experience is Easy With HiLitePay

HiLitePay helps deliver that exceptional customer experience by incorporating all the tools and processes required to maintain a positive financial relationship with your patients.

Our platform integrates directly into your existing systems, so your team can quickly incorporate HiLitePay into office workflows.

Billing Convenience

  • Accurate billing estimates
  • Pre-appointment & point of care payments
  • Patient Financing Options
  • Text-to-collect, Mobile, Online, and Phone Payments, anytime, anywhere
  • Secure payment & account portal
  • Card on file

Patient Communications

  • Payment, statement, & balance due reminders
  • US base human phone customer service
  • Patient finance marketing
  • Pre-collections messaging
  • No apps required for digital communications
  • Satisfaction Surveys

Affordability & Financing

  • Low APR loans with flexible terms
  • 0% financing option
  • Simple online application
  • Immediate online approvals
  • Loans up to $50,000
  • Application does not affect patient credit score
  • Explainer videos for end-users